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Phototherapy Bilitron® 3006

Phototherapy Bilitron® 3006

The Bilitron 3006 is designed to meet phototherapy needs for effective and safe treatment of bilirubin. Microprocessor control enables adjustment of the radiance applied and monitors treatment time and the service life of the light emitting source.
Fanem's exclusive SuperLED technology works with radiance in the blue spectrum of light, providing safe radiation without infrared or ultraviolet light emission, with a proven reduction in treatment time and low energy consumption.

  • Microprocessor control of the radiance applied to the patient;
  • Alphanumeric display and easy-to-operate membrane keypad;
  • Emission in the blue light spectrum for treating bilirubin;
  • High radiance in the center and edges of the light focus;
  • No infrared or ultraviolet light emission;
  • Set of five SuperLEDs;
  • Average service life of 20,000 hours.


  • Assembly with rubber feet for direct attachment to the hood of the incubator;
  • Assembly with flexible rod for use in the Fanem AMPLA infant radiant warmer;
  • Assembly with pedestal and mobile rod with height adjustment and articulated arm.

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