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fabian™ +nCPAP evolution

fabian™ +nCPAP evolution

fabian +nCPAP evolution is a therapy system packed in a small yet powerful package, making it ideal for NICU, PICU and transport applications.
From labor and delivery to NICU: the fabian +nCPAP evolution offers the best pulmonary treatment solutions – normally available from different devices – in just one device.
Highly precise and state of the art technology reduces the risk of infections and false clinical pulmonary evaluation to the lowest level possible.

  • A clear, bright touch-TFT display – visible at any angle and distance – with intuitive commands reduces human error and puts the focus back on the baby.
  • A true modular system with choice of ventilation modes for the ventilator configuration you need  - more can be added and “enabled” whenever desired.
  • Easy maintenance with few parts for disinfection and sterilization without any risk of infection inside the ventilator
  • No bacterial filters and therefore no risk of increased resistance during humidified ventilatory therapies..
  • Best support with reduced Work Of Breathing (iWOB).
  • Reduced error risk thanks to the self-training ACUTRONIC concept inside.
  • Built-in backup battery pack for up to three hours of self-powered operation 
  • The system is flexible and can be used with all conventional breathing circuits currently available on the market.

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