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JR-031 / JR-021 / JR-011

JR-031 / JR-021 / JR-011


  • Easy to raise the table with gas spring to support: When bed is raised by the nursing staff or patient, the table could raised with the bed. It does not need to take out from the bed. The rod on the side is only used when nursing staff or patient want to lower down the table.
  • The maximum loading capacity is 20kg.
  • Well package, easy for delivery: It is well packaged into carton, which make the volume minimum and easy for delivery.
  • The bottom part: The cover of the bottom part is made by ABS plastic which is simply for cleaning and no rusty problem.
  • • The Table: The table is made of wood which is fire retardant material.
  • The drawer: It is made of ABS plastic as well, it could pull out on both side.

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