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Hybrid Unit Duetto® 2386

Hybrid Unit Duetto® 2386

The Duetto® 2386 is the first equipment of its kind manufactured in Brazil, which operates as both a neonatal incubator and an open radiant heat intensive care unit. It was developed in accordance with the highest technological standards, to provide extensive and safe treatment, for use in a wide variety of ways.

  • Touchscreen monitor;
  • Buttons for conversion between incubator and radiant infant warmer mode;
  • Pedal for converting from incubator mode to radiant infant warmer;
  • X-ray cassette drawer;
  • Audible and visual safety alarms;
  • External access devices to minimize contact with the patient and the internal environment of the incubator;
  • Independent air and oxygen inlets, with filters; 
  • Information on the monitor can be set for different languages;
  • Indication of date, time and trend curves with history;
  • Indication of the proportional power level of the heating element;
  • Set points and alarm limits saved in the memory;
  • Automatic auto-test system;
  • In-bed scale;
  • Programmable servo control humidity system;
  • Programmable O2 servo control system;
  • Adjustable height ergonomic support;
  • Auxiliary skin temperature sensor – T2;
  • Drawer for storing material;
  • Programmable servo control temperature and oxygen concentration system;
  • Redundant safety system, with auto shutdown of the heating system in the event of high temperatures;
  • Pole for infusion pump and IV pole.

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