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ECOtwin LCD with USB (2nd Gen.)

ECOtwin LCD with USB (2nd Gen.)

Compact and portable twin fetal monitor
The ECOtwin is a microprocessor-based Fetal Monitor, providing continuous monitoring, display, and recording of fetal heart rate (FHR) and uterine contraction (UC) for antepartum testing and monitoring. Both combinations indicate the well-being of the fetus. The monitored data can be recorded continuously or intermittently on a strip chart recorder at the operator’s discretion. The recorded information includes graphic trend data and text information of monitor hardware and software conguration, date and time, patient identication, changes to operational settings, clinician, and patient event marks. This devices are for use only by trained medical personnel located in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s oces, and in the patient’s home

  • 7" LCD color screen with 270° swivel display 
  • High sensitivity ultra sound probes -  9 crystal - 0,985 MHz frequency
  • Waterproof US and toco probes
  • Integrated Li-tium battery
  • Internal memory for 450 hours
  • Light and compact
  • Display of fetal movement on the printout
  • Wall mounting option
  • Selectable scaling (International/European)
  • USB port for data transfer by USB stick
  • Volume setting of the heart beat
  • Upper and lower alarm limit 
  • LAN interface

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