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The DEFIGARD HD-7 is a concentration of SCHILLER’s long and proven experience in defibrillation, ECG and connectivity. Available with defibrillation paddles or pads, the DEFIGARD HD-7 will support all healthcare professionals.
The DEFIGARD HD-7 is designed to be intuitive, with a large 7” touch screen as well as its one-step mode selector. The Touch’n’Save interface allows direct access to the desired feature without losing time. The device automatically transmits self-test results and facilitates device pool management thanks to its remote software and configuration updates.

  • 4 modes: monitoring, manual defibrillation, AED and pacer
  • Single connector for defibrillation paddles, pads or spoons
  • Internal defibrillation mode (optional) for open-heart surgical procedures
  • CPR feedback
  • USB and Wi-Fi data transmission
  • Remote software and configuration updates
  • Automatic self-test transmission
  • Large 7” touch screen
  • 6-lead ECG: SCHILLER technology
  • Non-invasive blood pressure: SCHILLER technology
  • SpO2: MASIMO or Nellcor technology
  • EtCO2: MASIMO technology (side stream)
  • Integrated large 3-channel printer
  • Trolley available (optional)

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