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6702 Hercules

6702 Hercules

Giving Operating Rooms the Ability To Do More
The 6702 Hercules is the strongest table in the market. The impressive 1,200 lb lift capacity makes the 6702 an ideal solution for bariatric cases. Hercules provides patient safety with its 210° top rotation, eliminating the need to reverse the patient on the table all while allowing access to all surgical staff.

  • Increased Surgical Specialties At the turn of a handle, the 6702 Hercules allows superior imaging access at both the head and foot end of the table. The table can quickly rotate toward the C-arm and the low-profile base stays clear of the imaging equipment. Skytron takes the work out of imaging setup.
  • Surgical Positioning Flexibility A remarkable 1,200 pound lift and 1,000 pound articulation capacity makes the 6702 Hercules ready for patients of diverse sizes.
  • Accommodates Imaging Requirements With Ease Offering exclusive top rotation with an efficient design, the 6702 Hercules will bring enduring value to any operating room. It’s 210° table top rotation offers simple and quick setup.

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