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Aurora Four

Aurora Four

Putting the surgical team in control of focus & illumination
After spending decades lighting the way for surgical teams around the world, Skytron has combined all of the features important to the operating room in the Aurora Four light. This next-generation surgical light puts enhanced clarity and focus in the clinician's hand – with only one twist of the center sterile handle.

  • • Clear View Without Obstruction The Aurora Four surgical lights bring crisp, deep-cavity illumination to any procedure. With unique reflector technology, the lights dramatically minimize shadows that obscure visibility of the surgical site.
  • • Effortless Operation Featuring focus control from the center sterile handle, seeing precise detail no longer means repositioning the lighthead, adjusting the spot size or leaving the sterile field. The focal point adjusts according to the surgical team's preference – with only one twist of the handle. • Clinicians are in Control
  • • Clinicians are in Control Skytron puts the clinician in control with the option to choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature based on the procedure type. Integration with booms, flat-screen displays and HD cameras make the Aurora Four surgical light a versatile solution.

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